The Food SCENE Overview

The Food SCENE’s central focus is to conduct research on the organizational, social and technological innovations that impact the global food supply chain.  Food supply chain issues are broad in nature, but the Food SCENE’s analyses result in specific recommendations that are academically robust, industry or country specific, and informative to the public. Our unique global perspective influences our research agenda in that we see the same problematic phenomena worldwide in the food industry, in the same light as the general population, but our approach to providing information and recommendations is quite unique.

Specifically, the Food SCENE is investigating issues such as how grocery firms make retail location decisions, particularly in the poorest areas in the world (country level as well as city level).   The latent demand by the residents in these areas as well as health implications plays a key role in our research agenda.   We have recently extended this research to understand fast food pricing relative to the presence of full service supermarkets.  Additional research includes analyzing the causes of concentration in the food supply chain and the impact on the actors at every level in the supply chain.  Currently of interest are: the U.S. organic food industry; the biofuels industry development in South Africa and its impact on crop production and consumption of staple food;  and the effects of how information technology liberates specialty coffee producers from the New York Mercantile Exchange commodity prices.